École Héritage
C.p. 480, Falher, AB T0H1M0

École Héritage is school located in Alberta. The address is C.p. 480, Falher, AB T0H1M0. The phone number is (780) 837-3266. The email is heritage@csno.ab.ca. The website is http://www.heritage.csno.ab.ca.

École Héritage · C.p. 480, Falher, AB T0H1M0

School Code 1550
School Name École Héritage
Address C.P. 480
Phone (780) 837-3266
Fax (780) 837-3247
Email heritage@csno.ab.ca
Website http://www.heritage.csno.ab.ca
Program Taught Early Childhood, Elementary, Junior High, Senior High
Authority Name Northwest Francophone Education Region No. 1

Falher · Alberta School

Routhier School
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