Jack Miner Ps
144 Whitburn St, Whitby, Ontario L1R2N1

Jack Miner PS is school located in Ontario. The address is 144 Whitburn St, Whitby, Ontario L1R2N1. The phone number is 905-668-3249. The email is hefford_grayson@durham.edu.on.ca.

Jack Miner Ps · 144 Whitburn St, Whitby, Ontario L1R2N1

School Number 280844
School Name Jack Miner PS
School Level Elementary
School Language English
School Type Public
School Special Conditions Code Not applicable
Address 144 Whitburn St
Ontario L1R2N1
Phone 905-668-3249
Fax 905-668-4906
Email hefford_grayson@durham.edu.on.ca
Grade Range JK-8
Date Open 01-09-2000
Principal First Name GRAYSON
Principal Last Name HEFFORD
Region Barrie Regional Office
Board Number B66060
Board Name Durham DSB
Board Type Pub Dist Sch Brd (E/F)
Board Language English

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